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Everyone has a story to tell. Tell us yours and we'll do the rest.

Our company has helped many small businesses, start-ups, and local companies establish and grow their business online with the use of paid advertising and digital marketing. I am passionate about helping owners like you connect your story to their goals. You might be asking, "what does that mean?". Well, everyone has a story to tell, and we are all connected through stories. Telling your story is usually the first part of our journey together before we craft ads to put in front of your customer.

Our company began after I worked for over ten years in Information Technology. I decided to leave a great career and pursue the dream of being a business owner, so I studied and made it into a graduate school in San Francisco where he was able to work in teams to create tangible strategies for multiple companies. Consulting for several small, local companies, and start-ups to create strategic marketing plans, budgets, and projections led me to where I am today. For the first time, I was able to connect my creative strategy, technical experience, and business education together with digital marketing and ads.

In graduate school, I had a business idea that eventually morphed into End Game Ads. The end goal? Meeting the local business where they were to crush their goals and overcome disadvantages of being "small" or "local" in the face of behemoths. After helping to grow two start-ups, I began LinkedIn lead generation and ads for a software developer BPO. The learning curve was steep, but as discovered in my technical experience, you always needed to be learning. This led me to train under the best social media marketing leaders and began Facebook and Instagram Ads in the B2C space.

I had immediate success with local gyms, restaurants, and non-profits on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube while studying to become a paid traffic specialist and applying what I learned in the real world. I dove into making Manychat Bots, doing LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Analytics, Video Editing, Filming, and advanced re-targeting techniques across multiple platforms.

During that time I began to grow the team, experiencing several setbacks, but I never stopped working to develop better systems, teams, results, and processes for the business. Using these refined systems, we began closing new deals with B2B start-ups, online schools, personal trainers, chiropractors, and local cosmetic surgeons. This led to improved results for B2B and B2C clients across the board while developing our longer-term ad system that is built to scale businesses with social media ads, diverting from the traditional direct response marketing approach.

Each new client brought valuable experiences and great results. We have since trained each new team member from these shared experiences and have celebrated our accomplishments. We now have specialists in graphic design, web design, expert social media copywriting, SEO, virtual assistants, and telephone sales specialists. We combined all of this with a mobile app and online platform that dramatically simplified our client relationships while increasing our results working together.

Join us to hit the ground running to get appointments, sales, and predictably grow your organization!


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